TCM treatment

Nothing happened. We weren’t quite worried about it but our parents started to worry. So, we went to see TCM specialist at Chung Hwa Medical Institution at Toa Payoh. I would say the consultation fees and medication were affordable as the institution is not a not for profit organisation. Expect a long queue.

PS: many doctors at the TPY branch are lecturers at the TCM Institution. So expect tag along with students. If you can afford, make a donation so that the clinic can serve those less privileged.

We went in pair. The male doctors attended to me, while the female doctor saw my wife. Presented the previous test results to the doctors. This is the first doctor to tell me that my sperm is less than satisfactory and help needed. So, I started the acupuncture treatment. I have always been told TCM is a long journey. Me being me, give up after 3 sessions.

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