First appointment with Prof Wong

We were serious about getting medical help. We researched online and found this guy, Prof PC Wong at National University Hospital. I trust government hospital as I presumed that they are cheaper (???) and he is a Prof.

The nurse arranged for an appointment with Prof.

We repeated the tests we did at the GP because they were done quite some time ago. In additions, she also did an ultrasound dye test to check if there is any blockage in the Fallopian tubes. Plus, fertility infectious screening for both of us.

I wasn’t there when my wife did the ultrasound dye test but later she told me that it was the most painful procedure through this journey.

When the test results were back. We had another consult with Prof. He told us our options. We were still young, we can keep trying. Or we can start the treatment. He suggested starting with IUI. After 3 rounds of failed IUI, then we decide again whether to do IVF.

We chose to keep trying the natural way.

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