Before embryo transfer

We went to see Prof to check the thickness of the lining. 9 mm. Good, Prof said as he fixes the date of transfer to be either 8 or 9 Oct, depending on embryologist. He prescribed Crinone, a virgina insertion gel that helps implantation.

We went to CHR to collect the prescription and the nurse brief my wife how to use that stick. She also gave my wife the admission paper.

Later, that day she called and confirmed the transfer to take place on 8 Oct. The exact timing will be confirmed the day before.

My wife commented that the CHR nurses are like teacher’s as they would test you on what they said.

When will you start Crinone?
4 Oct
Good. Except that they praise you when you got the answer right.

We only take the meds for 7 days. The nurse explained that no refund for meds, even if the procedure is cancelled subsequently due to whatever reason.

Crinone is not a fridge item but recommended to keep in the fridge or air-con room, as it must be kept below 25c.

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