Day 4 after eggs retrieval

Many said waiting during the 2 weeks post embryo transfer is painful. I would say these 5 days are painful enough. I couldn’t imagine those 2 weeks.

I went to work as usual. Checked at 10 am, anyone called?

Embryologist called around 12 pm.

  • Avery – very good
  • Brett – very good
  • Charlie – good
  • Devon – satisfactory
  • Evan – satisfactory
  • Frankie – below
  • Grayson – below
  • Hunter – below

Hmmmm. 😭

Honestly, it was quite sad. Buck up, kids. We were wondering what had happened.

Wifey was feeling down, cancelled her a lunch appointment. She kept asking if I would take leave the next day. I promised her I would take a day off during her week-long vacation. So I guess, tomorrow is the day.

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