Eggs retrieval

We went to the hospital early in the morning before 730 am. Check-in at Kent Ridge Wing day surgery ward. I would say the staff here are nice and efficient. No food and water since last night, not even plain water.

My sample collection

After the registration at the counter, I left my wife waiting for the nurse to get her to the bed. I went to the andrology lab to collect the sperm.

By now, I have visited the lab 4 times. This is the fifth. I know the drill except that this is the first time I didn’t collect the sample at home. Ps: You should memorise wifey’s IC number.

Collect a bottle, directed to a room. Very clean hotel-like room with a one-seater sofa and a small washroom.

Back at the day surgery ward

My wife was lying on the bed waiting for the procedure. There came a doctor, introducing herself as an anesthesia doctor. I forget her name. My wife was so worry when she saw the needle, making noise like a kid. A long needle was pushed in. There is an inlet.the medication will be pushed in from there in the operating theatre.

A nurse then walked with her to the theatre. The husband is not allowed to go in. Kind of relief…

She was out after an hour or so.

We were left at the ward for a good 4 hours. My wife was not allowed to eat or drink, to prevent the side effect of general anaesthesia.

We were waiting for a doctor to come brief us on the procedure results, like what you always see in dramas. But this is the reality. Around lunch hour, a doctor came to see if my wife is good for discharge. We asked how many eggs were extracted. She got 16!

First meal after the procedure

After an hour or so, the nurse presented my wife a cup of milo and a pack of biscuit. Those were finished within minutes. Rest a bit more and we could go home after collecting pain killer, antibiotics and sick leave certificate. The nurse also briefed us of what to look out for OHSS, and when to call CHR.

No complaint on the nurses there. But, they are not the CHR nurses so don’t expect specialised knowledge there.

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