Embryo transfer

Today is the transfer date. Woohoo. The procedure is scheduled at 1230. Check in at 1030 at Ward 2A. The nurse at Clinic of Human Reproduction called to confirm the timing with my wife and as always clear and detail instructions.

  • Take the pill
  • Don’t use the Crinone gel
  • Light lunch
  • Bring water, start drinking 500ml of water at 1130, complete before 1200. No pee after that. Don’t bother to ask the nurse at day surgery ward, strictly no pee.

So excited in the morning, I woke up as early as always thought I don’t need to work today. Little Avery, here we come!

Bring NRIC, a bottle of water and zip lock bags for undergarments. With smartphones nowadays, people won’t feel bored waiting for the time to pass.

The embryologist gave my wife another call this morning to confirm that one frozen embryo will be transferred today. Many people want their age to be frozen. Guess what, my high tech babies did it. They are 5 days old but technically 20 days old (we later found out that, based on the convention, we need to add 2 weeks to the age). They are so going to be scientists one day. Lol.

Waiting for transfer

Admitted to the day surgery ward.

1100 wife instructed me to buy light lunch for her. She stared at me when she saw the porridge I bought from Medical Centre. Lesson, bring her something dry so that 500 ml of water isn’t a lot to drink.

1130 wife went to the toilet one last time before the procedure. Then, she started drinking water.

1200 someone from the OT came to bring my wife in. He asked if my wife had drunk enough water. My wife told him the truth, it’s going to explode anytime soon. Lol.

Before the day, wifey should do a test, how long does it take for the water to reach your bladder.

The transfer

I lied down on her bed, resting, writing an update for this blog.

Everything in the OT, sorry you got to ask my wife. I don’t know exactly what happened. The embryologist gave my wife a photo of Avery! Hello Avery. Avery looks like popcorn, we shall call Avery popcorn from now on.

After the transfer

She is out around 1245, 15 minutes procedures. First thing is to go to the toilet.

I went to collect the meds for the remaining days.

Hospitalisation leave for 19 days. OMG.

1445 discharged. Applied Crinone gel when reach home.

Wifey paranoid about everything, I shouldn’t be hanging clothes. Will it drop if I stretch while standing. Emmm. This is when the husband has to lie, even though I don’t know the answer. No, it won’t drop. The gel glued it to your womb already. Don’t blame your husband for lying to you. He has to, for your good.

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