Hospital bag for Mt Alvernia

We know what we need to get the hospital bag ready 1 month before the EDD. But, what’s in that bag?

For first timer like us, we have no idea what should be in there. We read the booklet provided by Mt Alvernia Hospital, but was quite puzzled with some of the items. I wrote this post after wifey’s delivers the cutest baby on earth, so I can proudly say, speaking from experience…

The official list from Mt Alvernia Hospital: click here

Since we are going for a 3-day-2-night staycation, I would suggest splitting the bag into 2:

  • Hand-carry (light, something that you should carry with you if you suspect a contraction)
  • Check-in luggage (heavy, all the clothing, toiletries, etc)

In your hand-carry bag:

  • The letter from your doctor
  • Blood test result and vagina swab test result (something your wife does at week 36)
  • Your wallet with cards to pay hospital deposit
  • NRIC of you and your wife
  • Your wife Mt Alvernia Ladies Card, to enjoy discounts
  • Forget about marriage cert because you can now register birth online if you fulfil the criteria (see this)
  • Socks for your wife
  • Masks – due to COVID19

The very exciting check-in luggage:

  • Clothes for you, the husband if you are staying over
  • Don’t bother about the nightdresses for wife, because it will be provided and it is breastfeeding-friendly
  • Personal toiletries… it depends, Mt Alvernia provides a set of toiletries: body lotion, body wash, shampoo, comb, toothbrush + Colgate, shower cap and a face towel. So, if you are not very particular, you can remove this item. This will be provided at the ward, not the delivery suite.
  • Disposal panties + sanitary pads or pull-up adult diapers for wifey*, we got Depend Real Fit from NTUC
  • Wet wipes*
  • Going home clothes for baby + swaddle + 2 pairs of mittens
  • Going home clothes for wifey. I made a mistake. I thought the tummy will just shrink flat. Pack something loose.
  • Some snack
  • Nursing bra

Don’t worry about breast pump. MAH nurses and lactation consultant will encourage you to breastfeed. They will teach you how. No worries.

*Alternatively, what you need to prepare is cash or cards, MAH can provide at a charge.

Perineal pads

Probably not the right post to talk about this, but again, speaking from experience… wifey who delivers the baby naturally (virginal delivery) need this, especially for an assisted delivery. Instant cool pack. Read more about the wound here.

MAH provides Belvea instant cold perineal pads. It is chargeable. After discharge, my wife still needs this. Unfortunately, the retail pharmacy at MAH ran out of stock. I searched the retail pharmacies of a few hospitals. Finally, I managed to get it at Thomson Medical Centre at $16 per box of 3. The price at MAH is the lowest because we have 15% (Mt Alvernia Ladies Card discount).

There is another brand, Epi-Kool. The price is $25 for a box of 3 and my wife didn’t like it.

I am still waiting for my hospital bill but I heard from the pharmacy staff that it is cheaper to buy from the pharmacy than getting from the ward.

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