Prof PC Wong – Review (Part 1)

The long-awaited summary of experience with Prof Wong of NUH.

So, if you are reading this post, you are probably thinking of doing IVF or IUI and you have probably heard of this guy named PC Wong.

He is a full prof!

He is a full professor at NUS medical school and a senior consultant at NUH. If you have been googling, you must have known that he was part of a team that “makes” the first IVF baby in Singapore ( That was one of the reasons why we chose him–he is probably more experienced and knowledgeable than the others.

Other than the link above, you can also learn more about his credential:

My wife commented that he is really skillful. Fast.

Learn about IVF

Prof holds seminar every now and then for his patients. See here:

It is a very informative seminar that everyone should go. Why? Because it assures you that you are in good hands. He answered all questions raised professionally, calmly and some time, humorously. He explains every step in detail, what, how and why.

Well, this is perhaps the only time that he explains patiently.

Waiting time

How long do you expect to wait for such a famous doctor like him? A few hours? You will be surprised. He is really efficient and punctual. He runs 2 rooms at the Women’s clinic. Before he is done with a patient, the nurse in the other room will prep the next patient.

Of so many appointments we had with him, maybe only 1 or 2 times where we need to wait for more than 30 mins. Don’t be late for his appointment. If you are not in the clinic 15 mins before the appointment, the nurse will probably give you a call.

The nurses

The nurses at NUH are the nicest! Friendly and funny. There are 2 nurses working for Prof. They are so knowledgeable that I think they can be a doctor. We don’t ask our lecturers stupid questions but instead we direct those stupid questions to the tutors, the nurses!

They care about wifey, comfort her as she was really nervous whenever we see Prof. Wives don’t trust husbands. So, the nurses were really a great help.

Oh! Not to forget the nurses at the treatment room, who draw blood and give wifey jab. OK, not just wifey, husband need to draw blood too. They are really skillful.

So, I can’t thank the nurses enough for what they had done for us.

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