Prof PC Wong – Review (Part 2)

Continue from my previous post: part 1


There are subsidies and CPF withdrawal nowadays. One might think that costs don’t really matter. Well, there are items not covered by these subsidies and CPF is still our monies.

Prof consultancy fees are not expensive compared to private practice. Generally, affordable price. And, he doesn’t prescribe those expensive supplements.

My other friend had a consult at a private practice, the doctor prescribed some supplements were quite expensive. I recalled someone asked during his seminar whether the wives should take that supplement that Prof didn’t prescribe. He replied that we want to get all the help we could, there is no harm to take that supplement, but there is no research evidence to suggest it helps. That is probably why he didn’t prescribe. The medications that he prescribed were vitamin C and E for me, the husband and folic acid for my wife.

Prof leave schedule

Prof travels / takes off a lot. He has leave plans almost every month. If you are planning to do IVF and after hearing a lot about Prof, it probably makes sense to get his planned leave schedule from the counselling nurse and plan around his leave schedules. It is likely that one of the other doctors may have to cover him for the scan during the cycle. My wife had a very good experience with one of his covering, Dr Shakina. She is friendly and caring. So, it wasn’t that bad after all.

We did 3 IUIs at NUH. 1 of the 3 was performed by another doctor.

Emotional support

While the nurses are good at giving emotional support, I do not think that Prof is very comforting. Man of a few words. We failed the first IUI when we thought it will be a success. Prof didn’t really tell us much, perhaps he wanted to tell us all at one go during his seminar. The only words he said was “what is more important–keep trying”.

If the husband is very busy or not that good at comforting the wife, probably…

Experience at the day surgery ward

We only read from others’ reviews that there was no post-retrieval review by Prof following the procedures. Wifey was sedated during the retrieval so she didn’t know much about the results and we were anxious to know how many eggs were retrieved.

In the end, we asked the doctor signing her discharge paper. The doctor was a junior, he went through the files and responded to our question.

Some other minor complaints

My wife was quite frustrated over this. The nurses at both Women’s Clinic and CHR are nice but there are rooms for improvement. When she was doing the pre-retrieval scans, every time the nurse told her to be at CHR, the scans were ended up done at Women’s Clinic.

She waited for 3-4 hours after she was told to return to the clinic for a consult, following a positive pregnancy test. The only time she waited for so long. I guess because Prof wasn’t around, too short-handed, couldn’t handle last min appointment?


Overall, it was a good experience at NUH with Prof. Not a perfect one but it was good. My wife test pregnant after the first cycle, not sure if it is because of the quality of the eggs, Prof’s skills, embryologists’ skills or some other reasons that we don’t know.

For you, who are looking for help:

  • Start early, the earlier you start, the better the quality of the eggs
  • Failure doesn’t matter, what matters is keep trying–quote Prof
  • This is a journey of the couple, trust each other, support each other
  • There are thousand and one reasons why one succeed or fail. Many of them, the learned Prof don’t even know. Don’t try to figure out why yourself, that affects your emotion.

Good luck!

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  1. Hi,Mike,
    Thanks so much for the detail description of your IVF journey. I am really inspired after reading all your articles, and more clear about how to proceed to our next step. Recently, we are informed by the doctor that only IVF can we get a baby, we are shocked and demoralized for a long time. Now we are ready to accept the unexpected challenges. We really appreciate the content on your website, Thank you again. Wish you and your family all the best。

    Best Regard

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