Prof’s seminar

This is a seminar that you should not miss. Check with the Clinic for Human Reproduction (CHR) nurse for the schedule. It is free and tea break provided.

Most importantly, you will get to know Prof and the procedure better. I believe trust between doctor and patient is very important. After 3 failed IUIs, honestly, I doubted him. So, we went to the seminar.

Other than us, there were around 10 couples and 3 doctors, I think, sitting at the back of the seminar room. The 3 doctors seem to be Prof’s students.

If you recalled, Prof isn’t talkative and a conversation terminator. Today, we get to know him. He is talkative. We felt that he doesn’t really want to answer our questions during the consults. My wife and I are those shy ones, we are afraid of asking stupid questions, especially you are with a professor. Every question is a stupid question, we thought.

However, contrary to our belief, Prof’s opening remark was, if you don’t ask a question you can’t go home. And he really went around the class asking for questions, as our counselling nurse warned. Maybe Prof prefers classroom style.

Everyone there was like those good students who prep before the lesson. We were those bad students.

We received 2 things from the nurse at the seminar, a long needle and a catheter.

Prof then explains the procedures, statistics… A few takeaways. I tried my best to recall what Prof said, but don’t hold me to account if my memory fails me.

The most important thing is the expectation–success rate. The clinic’s success rate is 35%. Trick question number one, how many times of IVF you need to go through for at least one successful pregnancy? The answer is we don’t know. X x (1 – 35%). You will never get zero, so we don’t know.

Why the wife will get 19 days of leave? Is it painful or so comfortable that require 19 days of bed rest? You need to stay happy because it increases the chance. So, that’s for you to stay away from work, in case your boss upset you. If you are so important to your company, without you the company will collapse, you should rest at least a week. No restriction of activity, but don’t be too tired. Shopping and high tea… I guess, that will make her happy.

One husband asked, what is the husband’s involvement? Everyone laugh. But Prof explained, more than that half an hour. This is a couple thing. There is no requirement but you should do the jab together, for example. This is what my wife called minimum husband involvement.

One or two embryos. The rules allow 2 embryos, max. Prof recommends one embryo transfer if the couple is still young. Two embryos increase the chance of pregnancy but at the same time increase the risk of multiple pregnancies.

Anyone who been to the seminar can be a doctor. OK, a bit exaggerating. He is a Prof for a reason. Good at teaching.

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