Scans before eggs retrieval

Every time we collected the injections, it will only last for 4 days and we have to go back to Women’s Clinic for scan and blood test. The doctor will count and measure the follicles. This was to determine the dosage of Gonal-f. At the second last appointment, the doctor told us that my wife that she reacts very well to the medication and now she has 21 follicles. Too well, I guess. The nurse handed us a leaflet that talks about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and explained that Prof will likely to go for freeze-all to prevent OHSS.

A little disappointed.

So at the final consultation before the eggs retrieval, we met with Prof. He confirmed that we would freeze all embryos.

We can tell that Prof is very careful. Many online articles mentioned that the risk of OHSS is higher if the wife has more than 25 follicles, but NUH threshold is set at 20. I agree that it is better to safe than sorry, even though it can cost us more.

Prof mentioned that they understood what the wives been through during the IVF journey, he will not take the decision to abandon the cycle likely. No OHSS risk if there is no eggs retrieval, but the efforts, injections will be wasted.

So, his approach in our case is to proceed with retrieval without pregnancy. This can prevent late-stage OHSS. Pregnancy can worsen OHSS symptoms.

I happily accepted the approach because it will mean that my baby will be born later, the same horoscope as me. Lol. Not sure if anyone would agree with me. kids carry the genes of their parents. So, the kids will either have the same horoscope as their parents or a horoscope that has very similar characteristics to their parents’. Thus, delaying 1 cycle will have a higher chance of success. Make sense?

More importantly, OHSS can be scary. I don’t want to put my wife in danger in order to have a baby. No husband will do that.

PS: Because of the frequency, chances are some of the consultations will clash with Prof’s leave. Another doctor will cover him.

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