The 2 weeks wait

That 2 weeks were not as painful as the 5 days wait (after eggs retrieval). My wife has 19-day hospitalisation but I don’t. So, I called her parents to stay over at our place, to take care of her.

Mr. Bean and all other comedies, as the nurse prescribed.

Stay happy, stay positive. You know, it isn’t easy to calm wifey.

This week is a critical week, leading to the pregnancy test. But I have to travel due to work. I was having dinner with colleagues when an earthquake stuck, 6.4 M. I was scared.

I don’t usually hide things from my wife, but I didn’t tell her about the earthquake. I don’t want her to worry about me. A sleepless night, with 2 aftershocks. Singapore is the safest place to live in. It may not be perfect but I shall not complain.

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