The injections

Prof said, “don’t compare your prescriptions to others.” The meds prescribed differs depends on the approach adopted, medical history and reactions. The following is for your reference only and to mentally prep yourself.

Prof decided to adopt short protocol for our case. Oral medication of Norethisterone stops 5 days before the injections began.

The injection plan:

The jabs are fridge items. When the nurse passes you the medication, she will also give you a cooler bag with an ice pack. So, if you are going back to work, make sure you have a fridge in your office. Bring another bag, if you want to protect your privacy because the cooler bag looks like this:

Gonal-f (10 to 14 days)

Gonal-f is a pen-style syringe. Very user-friendly. LOL. The injection is to be administered at night around 9 pm. It comes in different volume and multiple needles. Fit the needle onto the pen, then dial to the prescribed dosage, remove the bigger cap, wipe the skin with an alcohol swap, remove the smaller cap.

Then I pass the pen to my wife because husbands who dare to poke wife with a needle may use violence on wife someday. LOL. Wifey slowly insert the needle into the belly. The needle is short, so you can push all the way in. With the dial face up, she pushed and held the button until the dial show 0. Wait for 5 sec and remove the needle. Remove the needle from belly. Replace the cap and remove the needle tip. Throw into a water bottle. Do not throw into the dustbin just like that. It might hurt the workers.

You might see a bit of blood but I think that is fine.

Cetrotide (starts a few days after Gonal-f)

I woke up earlier. My wife needs to inject Cetrotide in the morning from Day 6. It has to be injected around the same time every day. Prepping the syringe is minimum husband’s involvement. So, don’t complain.

This is a not so user-friendly syringe and I do not have the photos for this. The syringe is filled with water. You have to fit the thicker needle to the syringe, grab the bottle with the medication, and push the solution into the bottle. Mix the solution with the powder, then extract everything out. Change to the other, thinner, needle. Point the needle towards the ceiling, 90 degrees, pull the syringe down slightly. Push the syringe, the needle still pointing up, to expel the air bubble. Stop when you see a drop of solution at the needle tip.

Passed the syringe to wifey. Compare to Gonal-f pen, this needle is thicker and longer. So, you will only 2 third of the needle into the belly. Push everything in.

When removing the needle from the belly, pull it out at 90 degree. Otherwise, it might scratch the flesh and it may bleed. Same as Gonal-f pen, replace the cap, remove the cap and throw it into a water bottle.

My wife is brave. If that is me… I might just give up.

Where to poke?

The nurse at CHR will demo this to you and you get to practice at the CHR. You can poke the highlighted areas:

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