The pregnancy test

Today is the result day. Wifey has an appointment to at Women’s Clinic to do a blood test. I could not accompany her to the clinic as I am on a business trip. The appointment was at 830 am and I told wifey to take a cab there. Little popcorn is a fragile item.

At the clinic, the nurse drew blood and told my wife that the result will be available in 3 hours. While having breakfast with her parents at the canteen, her phone rang. Congratulations!

“I M pregnant,” she whatsapp-ed me. I was at a meeting when that message arrives. Touched, excited, happy. No word can describe my feelings at that moment. But I was in a serious meeting, I have to remain calm. No tears, no smile. Avery has agreed to be our child! OMG, I am going to be a FATHER!

Prof is travelling again, the covering doctor, Dr Anu and the nurse told my wife that the first 12 weeks is critical for IVF babies, not stable. She needs to be extra careful, avoid buses. Cars or trains are the more stable mode of transportation. Although I have faith in our little popcorn, better to be safe. I gave her the instruction, Grab is the only mode of transportation. I have saved enough for this.

I could not tell anyone how excited I am. I could not announce to the world that I am going to be a father. Oh, come on! Only my parents and in-laws know about this and of course, you.

Prof will cover up till 12 weeks before transfer to a gynae, as he does not do delivery.

The nurse also gave her a jab on her buttock to “secure the baby”. Dr Anu also prescribed more meds for wifey.

She needs to go back to the clinic for another blood test next Tues, 22 Oct and check on hCG level.

Before I board the plane back to Singapore, I told popcorn’s mum, teach popcorn to call daddy!

A very big thank you to Prof PC Wong, the embryologists, the covering doctors (Dr Shakina, Dr Anu), the nurses (Sharon, Alice) and everyone at the Women’s Clinic, CHR, ward 2A and the OT! This is a very significant life moment for my wife and me. It is possible because of you! I can’t thank you enough.

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