The trigger

Suprefact. This is the trigger shot! Do this 36 hours before the eggs collection. Timing is very important. The retrieval is scheduled at 9:30 am, so she needs this injection 2 nights earlier at 9:30 pm sharp. The nurse will confirm the timing of the procedure with you again and like the school teacher, you will be tested again on the timing of admission and injection!

The needle is the tiniest. Less scary? No. We were given two syringes, in case one breaks. So, like an experienced nurse, poke the needle into the rubber of the bottle, turn it upside down, pull the solution into the syringe. Wait for 9:29 pm, wipe the belly with alcohol swap. 9:30 pm, inject!

Although the needle is tiny, it is the most difficult to insert among the 3 jabs. My wife was in pain trying to push the needle in, she managed to do it only after several tries. Jab done at 9:32 pm.

No more food and drink, not even plain water after midnight.

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