Welcoming Avery

My wife’s doctor mentioned that Avery is growing very well. A bit overweight for my wife’s size. She probably needs to induce labour at week 38. Due to the stay-home during the circuit breaker, the doctor was worried that Avery will overdue.

My wife was told to walk more and squats. Many have told us to talk to our baby and drink coconuts. OK, we did them all. Avery didn’t disappoint us. The night before 38th week, the contraction started.

We didn’t know it was contraction. The very afternoon on week 38, we went to the clinic. They put on the monitor and sensors, and we were told after 20 minutes of monitoring that Avery is ready! We quickly rushed to the delivery suite at Mt Alvernia Hospital.

The contraction was very strong, similar to those 2 cm dilated. But wifey has not dilated. We waited and waited and waited. The contraction was so uncomfortable that wifey doesn’t want to move.

Dinner at delivery suite

Around dinner time, the doctor came. She wanted to do a dilation check. I could tell from wifey’s face, that check was either painful or uncomfortable. Again, zero cm. We decided to wait until the next morning to start the induction. Doctor also told wifey to walk around in the delivery suite.

I went home to pick up the hospital bag. This is a very important thing that you need to prepare before 36 weeks.

Wifey walked around in the delivery suite, with the rock hard tummy. Finally, 1 cm dilated around midnight. The nurse called anaesthetist to start epidural. Sign of relief on wifey’s face.

It was a very long night. Nurses came in and out to check on the dilation. Side effects of epidural = vomiting. From solids to clear liquid (I think is gastric juice). While it cured the pain, wifey was still suffering.

The doctor came to visit again in the morning, the dilation was about 1.5 cm. It was too slow and Avery was not happy. He was shitting in the womb! As his heartbeat remained stable and strong, doctor noted there was no sign of distress. No c-section needed yet. Induction started. Estimated time of delivery was around 5 pm. 1 cm an hour.

The next 8 hours were so so bad. No food and water for wifey due to epidural.

After 26 hours, finally, 10 cm. Ready to push! Epidural was turned to minimal, so that wife could feel the contraction. 3 pushes for each contraction. (Note: do many many kegel exercise). Deep breathe in, hold, and PUSH! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9……-10. The nurse will drag a bit when it comes to 9. 😀

Unknowingly, I was breathing and pushing together with wifey. For someone like wifey, who has never experienced constipation, she couldn’t understand “push like you are passing motion”. I would suggest practice this with your wife before due date.

After 1 hour. The nurse went out to update the doctor. The doctor came in and suggested to use assisted delivery. We said yes immediately. She put on gown, gloves, trying to calm the atmosphere.

Then, she said Avery will be out in 2 minutes, are you ready?

1-2-3, one last push. I saw scissors, and I heard wifey screams and Avery cries. I didn’t cry. Nurse rushed to wipe Avery clean. Wifey is in pain. A lot of pain. Avery’s head is sharp, like ET. But, he is smiling, look:

Hello world!

He is smiling, with eyes wide open for the next 1 hour. Probably, wondering where is he, who are we.

I was in between wifey and Avery. It was not a touching moment, it was a very stressful moment, when I realised that I am a husband and a dad. My wife was still in pain, saying that this is the first and the last.

I think husbands who had been to delivery room can relate. For those who are going to be in there, one piece of advice: for your happiness for the rest of your life, do not leave your wife alone there.

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